Sail Away

I fingered the yellow paper with its bold black type. “This license is only good for three years? Sheesh, what do they think is going to happen?” Flipping the card, I read the words on the front: Park District Sailing License. It was my badge of survival—I’d made it through 12 hours stuck in a … More Sail Away

a Dragon a Week

My knees shook visibly as I stood, waiting. I figured I shouldn’t lock them and risk passing out, so I let them tremble, and vainly tried to pretend no one could see. The rest of the room was dark because of the lights glaring in my face from a dozen angles, but I could still tell … More a Dragon a Week

What’s In A Name: The One Thing Juliet Got Right

I stood at the double doors clutching a blue folder in my nervous hands, already overwhelmed. There were hundreds of teenagers in there– confident, talented, experienced, suit-wearing, future-lawyer-type speakers and debaters. Over 400 of them. The girls wore heels and curls and lipstick; the guys hauled briefcases full of debate evidence and articles from the Economist. I wore flats. … More What’s In A Name: The One Thing Juliet Got Right

Still, Still, Still

We gather every evening, around our kitchen table or maybe the living room rug. Sometimes it’s hasty and flurried, trying to snatch some time together before this family member or that rushes off to run another errand, or go to another gathering or another swing dance or another party. Sometimes, though, it’s unhurried and peaceful … More Still, Still, Still